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Accessing Windows Shares from Linux

Once in a while, you may want to access or mount a Windows shared folder from Linux. Doing do is actually quite simple. First, create a directory where the share will be mounted. This should be an empty directory. I think it’s best to put it under /mnt. You can call it whatever you want. sudo mkdir /mnt/winshare Then, use… Read more →

Hosting multiple websites with one server

For the purposes of this post, we will make the following assumptions: You are only running one installation of Apache on one installation of Linux (Ubuntu Server 12.01 used here). Your server only has one public IP address. You have two domains which are configured to both point to your server’s public IP address. You have already installed Webmin like… Read more →

Transmission on a headless Linux server

Here is a guide to installing Transmission (a bittorrent client) on a Linux server (Ubuntu 12.10). This was my experience that I gained from a guide located here. In fact, most of this guide is take verbatim from there, since I had no problems following their instructions. Installing transmission-daemon Type the following command: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install transmission-daemon… Read more →

Setting up a Linux server.

Much information can be found here. That’s where I got started. However, since I can’t guarantee that website’s longevity, I’ll repeat a bit here, in addition to adding a few things I found elsewhere. Starting out Install Linux. I used Ubuntu Server 12.10, so things may or may not be different with other versions/distros. You can optionally install the OpenSSH… Read more →


Since I don’t really post a whole lot here, and I highly doubt anybody expects anything out of this blog anyways, I’m going to re-purpose the blog. For now on, I will use it to post things that I have learned, that I would like to be able to reference in the future. For example, currently I am trying to… Read more →